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Advanced Presentations-Breakdown

This course is designed for those who already possess a good amount of presenting experience, but just want to take their skills to the next level, to go from being an “average” speaker, to becoming a great speaker. The seminar focuses on teaching methods valuable for professional business communication including preparation, structure, delivery and strategy. Many of the challenges people have in presenting well, begins with incorrect presentation design. With a focus on teaching greater organization of presentations; presentations become far more effective and the end result is far more business won!

This program encompasses a day of lecture, practice exercises, group discussions, and application exercises. Participants will practice by preparing and delivering a real-life business presentation, which ideally they will be presenting to clients in the very near future, following seminar. The second day of workshop is private one-on-one coaching and evaluation with individuals of the presentation prepared, in the format of taped presentations. Number of sessions to be determined for each participant based on customer needs. Participants will leave the seminar with well prepared, powerful presentations, ready to close their next client!

What You Will Learn

-What makes a presentation/the 3 key ingredients for effective presentations-substance, style and supporting materials

-Understanding the importance of a theme, the fuel for any presentation

-Techniques to develop themes

-Understanding the power and impact of silence and listening

-How to customize your message in order to connect with your audience and set the foundation for your core message in the introduction, body and conclusion

-Important Process Skills - the skills that help you identify client needs and wants and how to build relationships of trust with your clients

-How to “keep it simple,” in structuring a presentation to gain Maximum Effect

-How to capture your audience and capture the next sale for your company

-The incredible power of competitive advantage you and your team will feel, when you are able to stand on your feet, and say what you want, the way you want to Say it!

“Whenever you are preparing a talk, ask yourself how you can make your presentation have more tangible monetary value, that is, more return on investment to the people hosting your talk.”
-Lilly Walters