"Capture Consulting is a terrific resource to keep that focus and provide value and strengthen the personal communication skills of any team."

The Art of the Argument-Breakdown

Designed for those specifically in the legal community. “The Art of the Argument” is really a “master’s class” if you will, for a community of already well articulate individuals. There is truly an art to joining a conversation, making introductions, listening intently, impacting a jury and building a relationship of “credibility” to others. What is a credible expert? Credibility comes from what you say (content), how you say it (delivery), and who you are (character). Capture Consulting focuses on that Art & Science of Speaking, which is so critical in presenting a case. Jennifer Wojan’s background in acting work provides a valuable resource to attorneys in how it is they too must “perform,” almost as an actor would, to their audience.

This course focuses on critical elements of presentation, delivery of message and how it is that your audience/jury truly perceives you. The most brilliant attorney in the world will not reach their greatest level of performance, if the presentation of that intellect is not well grounded in an emotional connectedness to his or her audience. This course can be structured in a format of a seminar, but is often better structured, (due to intensive work schedules), to be one-on-one coaching with individuals within a firm. Individuals will present cases and arguments currently being worked on, and through video taped sessions, the presentation of those arguments will be evaluated and strengthened with critical communication techniques.

What You will Learn

-Evaluating & understanding the emotional component & impact of your message

-The power of pacing, be it the power of silence or a pause at a critical moment of delivery

-Employing effective techniques for Voice Projection, Articulation, Body language, Eye contact & Gestures to become more powerful in presenting your arguments

-Focused Listening

-Preparing your argument in the most persuasive & convincing manner possible based in Methods & Style of Delivery

-Understanding the foundation of emotional content to a particular style

-A heightened awareness of how your audience is perceiving you

-That Delivery is Everything!