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Jennifer Wojan Biography

Jennifer has worked for over a decade as a spokesperson and media representative for numerous companies in commercials, radio, and narration in live presentation environments. She was the youngest person in the history of Buick Motor Company to be selected to tour the country narrating live on the U.S. Auto Show Circuit.

From a very young age Jennifer has always had a passion for speaking and performing. That desire to be a performer led her from her upbringing on a small island in Northern Michigan to Northwestern University where she studied acting. She graduated from Northwestern’s School of Speech and headed to New York to perform off-Broadway. London soon followed, where Jennifer spent a summer continuing her studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Jennifer provides unique skills due to her unique experiences. Media is quite possibly the most powerful tool any company can use to sell themselves. For the past 10 years, a long list of companies have chosen Jennifer to be the “front-line” person to speak and represent them to the public in a media format. Jennifer herself admits, “I have felt huge pressure to not ‘Mess Up'!” Those experiences to draw upon and share with my clients makes me more sensitive and credible to the people I wish to help. I know their fears and have experienced their pressures. This is a great point of connection and a priceless learning tool to be shared.

When Jennifer is not coaching or acting, she can often be found running along the lakefront, travelling, tasting wine or enjoying sitting on a patio somewhere in Old Town, her favorite neighborhood in Chicago, where she lives.

Favorite mantra- “Approach everyday that you have Nothing to Lose!”