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Fearless Presenting breakdown

Immediately, upon first meeting someone, we draw conclusions based on their confidence, how they shake our hand, their eye contact, and their sense of warmth and openness. These are all critical factors we focus on in “Fearless Presenting”. How are we presenting ourselves to others?

This program encompasses a day of lecture, practice exercises, group discussion, and application exercises. Following a seminar day of instruction, then coaching and evaluation with each participant begins in the format of private one-on-one coaching sessions, video-taped and critiqued.

People’s fears stem from their insecurities about themselves; perceiving themselves as if they do not look “right” or sound “right”. We worry about how our audience identifies with us as presenters.

These fears compromise our effectiveness and prevent us from becoming a more confident speaker. Simply becoming aware of these behaviors, and creating a consciousness of how to strengthen them, is often all that is needed to create positive results of a greater belief and confidence in ourselves and how it is, we connect to our clients.

What You Will Learn

-The ability to channel fear and anxiety and deliver a confident successful presentation, which translates to success

-Effective techniques for Voice projection, Articulation, Pace, Body Language, Eye Contact & Gestures to become more powerful presenters

-How to read and relate to your audience

-Using humor as a tool to engage & connect to people

-How to effectively organize a presentation

-A heightened awareness of how you are presenting yourself

-The importance of having a confident physical and emotional presence, when presenting to your clients

-How to Capture your Audience with your Confidence!

“Great Speakers are not born…they’re trained."
-Dale Carnegie